How 1 Move and 1 Movement could save countless lives – 365 days a year

Woman abuse has reached epidemic proportions. 1 in 4 South African women are survivors of abuse according to The Department of Justice. Bringing an end to the epidemic starts with addressing the root cause of this social issue but the effect of preventative measures may only have an impact in the long term. There is a need for women to be empowered with the tools required to protect themselves if they’re ever in an abusive situation – right now.

With this in mind, we asked the women of South Africa a simple question: If you knew 1 Move that could save your life, would you want to learn it? And if you knew of 1 Movement that could save thousands more, would you join it?

Over 90% of respondents said YES.

This outstanding response inspired us to launch 1 Move 1 Movement. A combination of a short and long term solution in the fight against woman abuse.

The 1 Move is a self-defence technique – a punch to the throat – that is simple and easy-to-learn. It is a move that could immobilise a perpetrator, allowing you enough time to escape if you’re in a life-threatening situation.

The 1 Movement is ForWomen, a 1st for Women initiative launched during 16 Days of Activism in 2017. This online platform consolidates woman abuse fighting efforts and offers South Africans the chance to give help and get help in the fight against woman abuse. The platform takes a holistic approach to the problem by addressing the causes of woman abuse, preparing women with practical advice they can use should an abusive situation arise, and providing support for survivors.

ForWomen was born out of 1st for Women’s long-standing involvement in the fight against woman abuse. For over 14 years, 1st for Women, with the support of their customers, has been actively involved in the fight through the 1st for Women Foundation, which has raised over R70 million for woman abuse causes and assisted over 90 000 abuse survivors.

Since launching, ForWomen has developed a growing national network of organisations, all working towards ending woman abuse. One of the organisations in the ForWomen network is Woman INpowered (WIP), with whom we’ve partnered to bring you the 1 Move.

The 1 Move is part of WIP’s simple, easy-to-learn, yet devastatingly effective self-INpowerment system. The system provides women with knowledge, expertise and tools that could save their lives if they’re ever in imminent danger. While there are many self-defence courses available and multiple moves to learn, many of these can become complicated and may require continued practice in order to be used effectively, should the need arise.

WIP’s power lies in the simplicity of the 1 Move used in conjunction with the insights and information shared in the WIP course. This combination was used by Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters to thwart hijackers. It is endorsed by Alison Botha who, over 20-years ago, was raped, disembowelled and left for dead by two attackers, and 1st for Women urges all women to learn it. It could save your life.